Yanasa (Bison) - Ama (River, Spring, Creek) - Ranch (Our Favorite Salad Dressing)

Yanasa Ama Ranch

This website is for our ranch, a growing project started in 2014 by Charlie and Shauna Rankin. For more information on Yanasa Ama Ventures LLC, our media company please visit www.Yanasa.us
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Who We Are

Charlie and Shauna Rankin established (well more like settled) the ranch in 2014. Prior to their purchase the property had been vacant for over 15 years. By 2016 they finally had a home on the ranch. It's a long story you can learn about on the page titled "Our Story" (go figure). Charlie and Shauna had a vision to raise American Bison (also known to some as the American Buffalo). But such an endeavor requires substantial upfront capital. So the duo began the ranch with less complicated livestock, like goats... who proved to be equally as difficult to maintain. So long story short by 2020 the ranch was home to Longhorn & Brahman Cattle, Chickens, Horses, many wild animals, and a growing produce section. While the couple still aspires to be Bison Ranchers they continue to grow their ranch while learning and applying holistic approaches to their practices.