Yanasa Ama Ranch is a family owned and operated aspiring American Bison Ranch in rural Goldston, North Carolina. We are first generation ranchers, trying to catch our footing on the agricultural elements that go into owning a ranch and the logistics that go along with it. We call it a ‘ranch’ not for its hundreds of acres, but for the ambitiousness we have to make it such. 


“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet…” -William Shakespear

‘Yanasa’ means Buffalo in the Muskogean language. ‘Ama’ carries a number of meanings: Water, Ridge, Valley in Cherokee; of which we have them all here at the ranch. Spoken by many Native American Tribes in the United States, the Muskogean and Cherokee languages are of particular importance, as it reminds us of the heritage with which we have derived, here in the southeast. 


The Yanasa Ama Ranch is located in Carbonton North Carolina a community within the Goldston township of North Carolina.