Assembling A Hay Rake. Allias Chalmers Hay Rake. – Ranch Hand Tips

In this video Charlie explains how he assembles a 3 point hitch hay rake and go over its basic functions. In order to transport the hay rake he had to disassemble it to fit it on an 8×12 trailer.

In this video we use a vintage Allias-Chalmers Hay Rake. 

A Hay Rake is mechanized by being towed from a truck, tractor, draft animals, or even an ATV.  The earliest hay rakes were wooden branches and evolved into wooden hand tools, wooden rakes with teeth. Similar to a garden rake, but larger in size. The Allias Chalmers Hay Rake is a mechanically operated side delivery rake. It has two wheels with two toothed bars in-between which lift the hay and rake it to the side.  Generally operated at a 45 degree angle so the hay is moved and then dispersed out the side.   This particular rake is later version of the Side Delivery Hay Rake and was a transition to the more trouble free wheel rakes or star wheel rakes which have 5 or more wheels with spring teeth that are mounted on a frame and driven by a free-wheeling contact as the implement is pulled forward.  

See it in action!

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