The health benefits of Bison vs Beef don’t end with the ecosystem.  Bison is a meat that packs a high amount of protein yet is healthier than most white meats on the market. According to the USDA National Nutrient Database, 100 grams of Bison meat contains 71.59 grams of water, 146 calories, 20.23 grams of protein, 7.21 grams of fat, 2.917 grams of saturated fat, and 55 grams of cholesterol.  Bison has the highest amount of protein and lowest amount of cholesterol in comparison to turkey, chicken, beef, and pork.  Bison is the second lowest in calories and second highest in water content. 

Bison Nutrient Comparison
USDA National Nutrient Database

How does Bison compare to other wild animals? Per 100 grams, Bison has less calories than Venison (146 vs 156), but 1.97 less grams of protein. It has less fat and less saturated fat than Venison and substantially less cholesterol.  

Salmon is another tough health food contender. Still, Bison has approximately 62.51 less calories than Salmon, 6.25 more grams of protein, 9.93 less grams of fat, 3.07 more grams of iron (Bison is actually richer in Iron than all other meats), .34 less grams of saturated fat, but does have 18.85 more grams of cholesterol. 

So the next time you think eating a salmon patty or turkey burger is healthier than the traditional red meat, don’t ruin your cookout over it.  Bison is a juicy red meat that packs in more nutritional value than almost all other common meats with less calories, fat, and cholesterol.  

The best part is, it tastes better than Beef! 

Where Can You Buy Bison Meat?  We’ve pulled together several Bison Meat Packages that you can order and have delivered right to your door.