Essential Tractor Implements

Ranch Hand Tips reviews some of the most important and essential tractor implements to have on your farm. Included in this video are the following tractor implements: Brush Hog (Or Bush Hog), Small Rectangular Hay Baler or Square Baler, Sickle Bar Mower (aka Reciprocating Mower), Hay Rake, Boom Pole, Tractor Auger, Cultivator, and a Landscape […]

Tractor Auger (Tractor-Supply Countyline)

Ranch Hand Tips goes through a brief assembly/disassembly of the 3 point hitch category 1 Countyline Tractor Auger from Tractor Supply. Rankin Ranch uses Tractor Augers for digging holes for fences, mailboxes, electrical poles, etc. The Tractor Auger is one of the most essential pieces of farm equipment and a must have tractor implement. Titan […]

Things To Check Over Before Using Your Tractor

Things to check before every use of your tractor, things to go over on your tractor before taking it into the field or putting it to use. Check the oil, gear box oil, hydraulic oil, transmission oil, and gas. Tractors aren’t like cars, they require regular maintenance. Stay tuned as we show you tips for […]

Howse Brush Hog on a Ford 3000 Tractor

Ranch Hand Tips presents Land Clearing and Brush Hogging with a three point hitch 4′ Howse Brush Hog behind a Ford 3000 Tractor. Brush Hog, Bush Hog, Rotary Cutter, or whatever you may wish to call it, these amazing attachments sling hunks of steel at over 300 mph and are capable of removing small trees […]

Boom Pole Tractor Implement

The Boom Pole Tractor Implement. Ever wonder what a Boom Pole is or if you should buy a boom pole? Ranch Hand Tips explains and shows numerous uses for a boom pole around their ranch in North Carolina. Heavy Duty Boom Pole: Light Duty Boom Pole: Medium Duty Boom Pole:

Cultivating Hay and Haying Your Fields

Cultivating hay crops and haying your fields can be lucrative but requires a lot of work. First you have to cut, then tedder the hay, then rake the hay, then bale the hay. But hay, hay pays. Used In this video: New Holland 451 Sickle Mower, Ford 532 Baler, John Deer Baler, New Holland Hay […]

Fixing a Jammed Sickle Mower

Sickle Mower jammed up and would not reciprocate. Broken Sickle Mower Repair. – Ranch Hand Tips In this video I dismantle the Sickle Mower, lube it up, and fix the jam. Not sure why it jammed up, likely some guides are worn and more repairs will be needed, but for a quick fix to get […]

Allias Chalmers Hay Rake

Assembling A Hay Rake. Allias Chalmers Hay Rake. – Ranch Hand Tips In this video we’ll assemble a 3 point hitch hay rake and go over its basic functions. In order to transport the hay rake we had to disassemble it to fit it on an 8×12 trailer. In this video we use a vintage […]

Sickle Mower Belt Adjustment

Sickle Mower Adjustment. Adjusting the Belt Tension and Replacing a belt on a sickle mower 3 point tractor implement. – Ranch Hand Tips In this video I’ll show you how to replace or simply adjust your tension on a Sperry New Holland 451 Sickle Mower. Sickle Mowers are often called reciprocating mowers, bar mowers, sickle-bar […]