In this video, Charlie explains how to change a tractor tire the easy way.  He essentially removes the tire and hauls it in for repairs.  However, not everyone knows how to remove such a large tire from such a heavy vehicle, like a tractor.  For information on how to repair a tractor tire inner tube, visit our Youtube page and search our Ranch Hand Tips videos.  

Change a rear Tractor Tire on an old Ford 3000 Tractor. Tractor Tires are heavy and changing one can be a daunting task. – Ranch Hand Tips

Our Ford 3000 Tractor had a tire blow out while mowing hay with a New Holland Sickle Mower. This was not the first time that tire blew out so we had to replace the tire inner tube.

In this video we’ll take you through step by step removing the tire from the tractor and putting the new or repaired tire back on. We will use a breaker bar, 2 1/2 ton Hydraulic Jack, and a cinderblock.

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