The Rankin’s bring you the true life story of Yanasa Ama Ranch.  A home renovation and homestead restoration of a 30 acre farm in North Carolina. 

In this Episode of Reconstructing Spirit Hill, Charlie and Shauna take you back to the beginning of when they first discovered Yanasa Ama Ranch.

As a young couple, Charlie and Shauna were merging their two families.  Divorcees Charlie had a son, Benjamin, from a previous marriage and Shauna had a daughter, Kaya. Newly engaged, the couple decided to begin planning a way to join their families together.  A common desire between the two was the wish to someday own a homestead.  As a realtor Charlie began searching for properties with over 10 acres, however it proved rather quickly to be a difficult task, at least when it came to finding affordable properties.  

When Charlie first discovered Yanasa Ama Ranch, he felt it could be a diamond in the rough.  However, Shauna wasn’t so sure.  She felt the property needed to much work for rehabilitation.  Several months passed and Charlie still could not locate other options.  So he decided to go take a look at the property himself. After all, it was nearly 30 acres in size, and well centered between their current places of employment.  So he drove out to the site which was located on the outskirts of Goldston in a little place known as Carbonton. 

When Charlie arrived at the farm, he immediately went to explore the fields.  What he saw was absolutely beautiful.  The rolling hills, old hardwoods throughout the property, and picturesque scenery was something Charlie felt would captivate Shauna’s attention.  

Charlie couldn’t wait to show Shauna and within a few days he finally dragged her out to the property.  While Shauna did have her doubts about the property she loved the landscape.  The largest issue was the extensive home renovations it would require to rebuild the home.  Shauna shares Charlie’s visions but doesn’t always agree with his logic, or lack there of.  However, the property was one that was hard to turn down.  They decided to submit an offer and see where it goes. 

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Video / Episode Description

The first official episode of Reconstructing Spirit Hill “Gone to Roost.”

Episode Overview

Charlie (Charles Rankin) and Shauna (Shauna Rankin) are newlyweds who decided to set out on an adventure to find their mingled family of four the perfect homestead. Finding an opportunity within their price point proved challenging, so they took a leap of faith and purchased an old farm that sat vacant for nearly 20 years. With their children in tote, the couple began building their American Dream.

Trade Tips For Episode 1

Charlie Rankin has been a Real Estate Professional for over 15 years. In this weeks Trade Tips for Reconstructing Spirit Hill, Charlie will explain some simple but important tips for finding property to build a homestead.

How to Find Real Estate for your Homestead –

Searching for property isn’t as easy as one might think. Finding the right property for the right price can be challenging and difficult, especially when you are looking for affordable acreage. In this video Charlie offers some pointers to help you expand your home search.

Working with Real Estate Agents –

It is necessary to work with a Buyers Agent when finding a new home if you want to see all your options and find good deals. A common issue when working with real estate agents is that they don’t seem offer you enough help when you need it. Perhaps it has more to do with how you are communicating to your agent. In this video Charlie gives you some pointers on how to work with a real estate agent or Realtor to get the most out of your experience.

Researching a Property to Buy –

You should always research a property prior to making an offer to purchase. In this video our Real Estate Pro will give you some ideas and ways you can research a property prior to making an offer so that you can be better informed and make an educated decision. He’ll explain how to find oil survey’s, flood zones, and other geographical information that may affect your land or home purchase. 

Property Valuations and Negotiating Real Estate Pointers –

Negotiating is what Real Estate Agents do best. But if you insist on doing it yourself, it’s important to keep in mind that until the deal closes the property is a business transaction and nothing else. In this video, Charlie offers guidance on how to negotiate without making things personal. He’ll explain how to value a property so that you are making informed decisions and can provide the necessary insight to a seller that may help you buy the property you want for a desirable price. 

About Reconstructing Spirit Hill

Reconstructing Spirit Hill is a Youtube Homestead and Home Renovation Series. Staring a modern day American Family of a young couple (a single mom and single dad) who combined their single parent families as they chose to build a life together.

Their journey begins when they decide to build a homestead in North Carolina. The couple find an abandoned 30 acre farm in Chatham County with a 1900 circa (18th Century) bungalow farm house (a very traditional architecture style of the turn of the century). The home wasn’t livable and was in very poor condition. The land was amazingly beautiful. Remote but centrally located in the heart of the Carolinas. They decided to give the home a fresh breath of life.

After closing on the home Charlie and Shauna run into numerous issues with contractors, home renovations, financing, and land rehabilitation. New to homesteading and knowing little about home remodeling and farming, the couple endures through the challenges and continues patiently as they build their dream Yanasa Ama Ranch (an American Bison Ranch).

Watch this series to learn how they over came a wide variety of homesteading, renovation, ranching, and personal challenges. Learn how to accomplish your dreams as they convey their story with helpful tips and how to videos.

About Yanasa Ama Ranch

Yanasa Ama Ranch is a family homestead in Goldston, North Carolina. The ranch is a Bison ranch. They also provide educational material and how to videos for young homesteaders, ranchers, and farmers. For more information on Yanasa Ama Ranch visit


This Episode’s Playlist (Including Relevant Trade Tips)

Each of our Reconstructing Spirit Hill Videos are accompanied by related Trade Tip Videos.  This Playlist Shows Reconstructing Spirit Hill Episode 1 “Gone to Roost” with all the relevant Trade Tip Videos. 

Reconstructing Spirit Hill Episodes

Reconstructing Spirit Hill is a video series about a young couple with a mixed family trying to teach their children traditional values of family, homesteading, and hard work.  The series follows their adventure as they embark on a journey restoring an abandoned 30 acre Homestead into their family dream Yanasa Ama Ranch.  


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