Yanasa (Bison) – Ama (Waters, Springs) – Ranch (Our Favorite Dressing)

We are an aspiring Bison Ranch. What that means is we currently do not have Bison. Bison require a lot of infrastructure that frankly costs a lot of money. In stead of waiting around for a successful lottery ticket, we’ve continued to build our ranch while introducing an array of animals along the way. Each step we make brings us closer to our end goal but allows us to build in increments.

Currently on the Ranch we have:
2 Longhorn Cows
1 Longhorn / Brahman Heifer Cross
1 Longhorn / Brahman Bull Cross

15 Chickens (or maybe it’s 17, lost count)
4 Roosters (always a party)

3 Horses (2 males and one queen)

…and more livestock coming soon.

Ranchers Charlie & Shauna Rankin

Reconstructing Spirit Hill

Building a Ranch or Farm is difficult challenge. Reconstructing Spirit Hill follows our initial journey building Yanasa Ama Ranch.