Ranch Hand Tips
Charlie and Shauna Building a Run-in for the horses.

Over the past several decades there has been a complete disconnect between society and the food on their table.  People no longer completely grasp the relationship between dinning comforts and the efforts of farmers.  While many foods are produced by large agricultural companies, the small farmer still exists and is an essential part of our supermarkets and even the overall production of the large Ag corporations. 

The Yanasa Ama Ranch is constantly growing and fighting the battle of high operating costs and extraordinary land prices.  As part of our efforts, we like to educate the public on what it really takes to live on a Ranch and build an income.  

Both of our Youtube video series will cover everything from home renovations to changing tractor tires.  We try to post as often as possible, but we’re a busy crew so be patient, subscribe, and we’ll see you soon… or rather, you’ll see us. 

Our Spirit Hill Series is our docudrama of life on the ranch.  Although we began the ranch in 2014 the first Volume “Reconstructing Spirit Hill” didn’t release until 2017 on YouTube and iTunes Podcast and in 2018 on DailyMotion. 

In Spirit Hill Volume 1 “Reconstructing Spirit Hill,” the Rankin’s take you on a mind blowing journey of completely renovating an old late 18th century early 19th century farm house from the foundation to the roof.  Their personal journey takes some dramatic turns and a life threatening situation nearly puts and end to their project. 

In Spirit Hill Volume 2 “Cultivating Spirit Hill,” the Rankin’s focus turns from house to land as they begin revitalizing the ranch infrastructure and making the landscape ideal for Bison ranching. 

Cultivating Spirit Hill is Volume 2 of our Docudrama Following the development of our ranch from the very beginning. Originally designed to air in 2018, the family decided to take a more ‘live project’ approach, thus placing a hold on this series. 

Reconstructing Spirit Hill Volume 1 of our Docudrama Following the development of our ranch from the very beginning. 

Ranch Hand Tips our How To Guide on Farming and Ranching. In Ranch Hand Tips, Charlie explores the ins and outs of Ranching. From working with animals and livestock to being a mechanic and operating heavy equipment, his experiences unravel many mistakes newcomers may make and explain how you can achieve your farming goals effectively without the resources of larger funded farms.  


Under the Oaks, the Yanasa Ama Ranch family Vlog. 


Carolina Escapades is all about our families crazy wild adventures outside of the ranch. 


Dogwood Darling is Shauna and Kaya’s take on life, tips, and general conversation.


On The Range is the Ranch Cooking Show offering ways to expand your palate. 


Hayseed Romp is about getting back to the basics of traditional childhood fun. 


Watch Trade Tips our complete How To Home Renovation, Remodeling, and Building Tips.