Yanasa Ama Ranch releases the third installment of Reconstructing Spirit Hill, “Base Camp.”  This episode, of the home renovation series, is about living small, REALLY small.  After contractor failures left them without any other choice, they moved their family of 4 into a 2 bedroom RV Full Time so they could focus their efforts on rebuilding the old farmhouse and getting things back on track.

In this episode of Reconstructing Spirit Hill, Charlie and Shauna build a base camp and move off-grid, living in an RV Full Time with their 2 children in order to get a handle on their homestead farmhouse renovation which has turned into a real life scenario of The Money Pit.

The Reconstructing Spirit Hill series is like a real life “Heartland.” Filled with the true drama and stories of a family ranch, home remodeling tips, and personal triumphs.


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