In this episode of Ranch Hand Tips Charlie Rankin teaches you how to run your submersible well pump off a portable generator.  When we first moved to our ranch we had horses, animals, children, and no running water.  Charlie struggled to find a good solution on the internet and after carefully studying multiple different generator hook up videos, he finally created his own method to wire up our 240V well pump to our generator.  You can buy all the parts and supplies in this video at your local hardware store. 

This was Charlie’s first educational venture on the Ranch, after all, a working well is extremely important.  Understanding how to wire buildings and needed utilities to a generator is essential for every rancher.  If the power goes out or there is a need for a temporary facility, trying to get a temporary power source can be costly.  By keeping a working generator onsite and knowing how to put it to work is critical to surviving on a ranch in a rural country setting. 

Generator hook up to Well Pump, house, power box or panel. Portable Generator Hook Up. -Ranch Hand Tips

This Ranch Hand Tips video explains how to run a 240V submersible water well pump off a portable generator using simple electrical supplies from your everyday hardware store.

1- Understand your Well Pump installation and operation.
2- Determine if your Well Pump is a 120V or 240V
3- Install a Breaker Panel
4- Wiring your Well Pump to a Breaker Panel
5- Wiring your Portable Generator to a Breaker Box
6- Creating a 240V 30AMP plug and cable for your Portable Generator
7- Turning on your Portable Generator and pumping water out of your well.

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