Charlie and Shauna Rankin with their children Kaya, Benjamin, and Abner

All American Family

Like many modern families, Charlie and Shauna both had children before they were married.  Shauna came complete with Kaya, and Charlie with Benjamin.  The ladies came from the Pinehurst or Sandhills area of North Carolina were Shauna worked as Chief Operating Officer for a local financial advisory firm.  The men came from Youngsville just north of Raleigh, were Charlie worked for 8 years running a Commercial Real Estate Firm.  Charlie and Shauna both desired to create a homestead for their young ones and in 2014 the couple found Yanasa Ama Ranch somewhere in-between the two locations.  It took Charlie a while to convinced Shauna to come see the ruins of the late 1800’s early 1900’s property, but when they finally visited they immediately fell in love with the rolling landscape and began to develop plans for their newly merging family. 

How They Met

Charlie and Shauna met in 2012 on a little website called Plenty of Fish (POF), user names BGsDaddy and FlutterByNC. Charlie was immediately humored by Shauna’s description of herself being “eclectic” and found a common interest in “Riding Sea Turtles.”  It’s a mystery why Shauna ever messaged him back, but she did and the two developed a pen pal friendship, although Shauna shortly after left the website.  The two remained friends for over year, constantly asking each other for dating advise, and venting or joking about life’s curveballs.  After more than a year, Shauna inevitably asked Charlie out on a date (although she claims it was just lunch and a movie).  From that point on their friendship changed and strengthened as complications weaved between their lives until they officially decided to give it a go almost a year later. 

Shauna walking to her snowcat in Telluride

On a June trip to visit family in Colorado along the shoreline of Cottonwood Lake outside of Buena Vista, Charlie asked Shauna to marry him. “Ask” may not exactly describe situation as Charlie hopelessly lost any ability to speak the moment he pulled the ring from his pocket.

 On February 28th 2015 during a blizzard in Telluride the couple tied the knot with family and friends at Gorrono Ranch. 

About Shauna

Shauna grew up in the Colorado Mountains and moved to North Carolina in 2008.  Prior to meeting Charlie, Shauna had a little girl named Kaya.  Kaya is now a high schooler with a passion for A’s and riding horses. Kaya aspires to fuel humanitarian efforts to make the world a more loving place. 

Before ranch life, Shauna worked in Pinehurst North Carolina as the Director of Operations for Pinehurst Capital.  Shauna enjoys hiking, exploring new places, saving random critters, working around the ranch, interior design projects, and being a mom. 


About Charlie

Charlie grew up in Fort Myers Florida and spent his summers on a family farm in Cavendish Vermont.  He attended high school in Saint Louis Missouri, and College at Queens University of Charlotte North Carolina.  

Charlie Rankin Yanasa Ama Ranch

After graduating college, Charlie began working in Mixed Use Real Estate Development until 2008.  Having had an entrepreneurial spirit his entire life, when the markets crashed in 2008 he founded his own company Rankin Commercial Properties.  Charlie’s company focused on distress commercial real estate assets.   As markets improved, Charlie shifted the companies focus to a wider variety of real estate assets and became a specialist in Agricultural Properties. In 2016 Charlie left his career in Real Estate to focus on the ranch and family.

Charlie has a knack for fixing things.  He has taken on the role around the ranch as builder, mechanic, and ranch hand.